Mindfulness based Stress Relief


    We are a Community Interest Company set up to reach out to people in our local community who suffer with their emotional well being. 

    The NHS currently has an 18 week maximum waiting time for access to their therapeutic inventions services for mental health. We believe that our service is a stop gap and a complimentary service that can help the individual when they need it the most. 

    Most companies offer mindfulness based practices at a cost of £150.00-£200.00 (per person) for an 6/8 week course.  There is a large portion of people who dont have the funds available to attend such courses and as a result find they have no resolution in dealing with their emotional well being. Our primary motive is to help people feel better whilst ensuring cost isnt an issue. 

    Our drop in classes, support groups & workshops provide our service users with a system of tools and practices to gain some respite from negative states of mind and to help them develop a positive perspective.

    At Selflovefirst CIC we like to think that we offer a service that is effective, affordable, and accessible . Our classes and workshops have been designed to ensure everybody gets access to a service without time or cost being a restrictive factor.