You will see below that we have structured a curriculum which may be a more effective means of helping people maintain a resilience to negative states of mind.


New Starters Introduction to  Mindfulness workshop.


The New starters Introduction to Mindfulness workshop is designed to give new starters the preliminary practices to develop and know our true selves. Without Mindful awareness we become stuck in the illusion of the minds projections and grasp on to sense desires that cause unwanted suffering. Mindfulness training is the core practice in helping us wipe the dust from our eyes. The workshop is held every other month and is set in the beautiful grounds of the "Friends meeting house" in Park road, Sale. We took our time in choosing our location and the rooms, facilities and grounds suit every purpose for our workshops. Here you will find time to digest and reflect on your learning in an enviroment that supports the workshop.


The New starters Introduction to Mindfulness workshop address


Address: Friends Meeting House, Park road, Sale, Cheshire, M336NX

Course starts at 13.30 and finishes at 1700hrs

Cost is £30.00 and can be paid in full or with a 50% non refundable deposit with the remainder of the balance to be paid on the day of the the event.

Course can be booked via Paypal  on our booking page or by contacting Thom at info@selflovefirst.co.uk


Next course date is 06th June 2020 13.30 to 1700hrs


Weekly mindfulness practice sessions


Once the New Starters Introduction to mindfulness workshop has been completed, the New starter will then be able to access our weekly classes in Sale. This is where we like to think we are different.....


People often feel very well after an 8 week course but a few weeks after the course has finished life begins chipping away at us and we slowly start to lose our awareness and go back to the place of worry, panic, & fear. Usually the only option we have to get back on track is to join an 8 week course but with the current cost this isnt always financially viable. With this in mind we have created a more accessible alternative.......

 Weekly drop in classes!


Our weekly classes have been designed with the following benefits:-


  • Ensure you can maintain and evolve your mindfulness practice

  • Build a resilience towards negative states of mind

  • Have a support network with like-minded individuals

  • Can be used as a "drop in" class as and when needed

  • Share experiences which can help us change for the better

  • Go to a place where you can practice in an enviroment which is conductive to peace of mind 


Each class runs for one hour and in that time we do a variety of mindfulness practices as well as sharing our practice experience with eachother.

At present our classes are held at the following locations:


Thursday evenings


Address: Sale West Community centre, Newbury Avenue, Sale, Cheshire, M33 4QW

Class starts at 730pm and finishes at 830pm

Cost is £5.00 per session and can be paid at attendance

One 2 One Mindfulness sessions

We realise there are a number of people who may not be able to leave the home or may be uncomfortable in social situations. With this in mind we can provide a One 2 One online or home visit session. If you feel this may be for you you can book yourself in for a session on our booking page. 

Schools, Colleges, Workplace and all Public and Commercial sectors.

Mindfulness is an amazing therapeutic intervention that can help alleviate the stresses of the working enviroment. We can provide your staff, clients, children and service users with respite from Stress, Anxiety & Depression. We believe our service contributes to creating more happier, content, productive and resourceful human beings. For more information contact us at:


or book a session on our booking page.